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Senior camp - day 3

​Wagon ride to the Texas Longhorn
The day started warm and with no wind, a walk to the river to discover unfound treasures, bones and according to John, ‘bird milk’, made for an adventurous start to day three.
With breakfast completed by a round of toast we headed off to the Texas Longhorn ranch for a Bovine adventure.
The tour started with a Texan looking cowboy named Mick. With more one liners than a highway with no passing lanes we laughed our way to the start of the ranch tour.
Alana was first up to ring the bell, a triangular piece of steel that is struck by a straight piece of steel .Sisterly advice was to hit it in a circle and this led to a confused geometric moment.
Damper was the dish of the day, with butter and golden syrup. Many rounds later, Leilani decided that whilst at the most premium cattle ranch in the country, with prize long horns to ask “Can we see the birds? “After stunned silence from the Mick the Cowboy, we moved onto the wagon ride.
With two large white steeds at the lead of the wagon, we started the wagon tour.  To say we were travelling under our own steam was an understatement as Woodrow the larger of the horses provided plenty of wind.
Mick the Cowboy whistled his way through the equine disturbance by discussing the types of cattle, stating his herd as “summer cattle”, some are white and some are not.
Darius on the other hand had landed in the land of nod on the back of the wagon and was wobbling around like beef in jelly. After being awoken and coaxed into the front “wind - Oh My God” seat he remained quiet and tight lipped for the rest of the wagon ride.
After a quick visit to the gift shop, we were led to the cattle yard to embark on a reproductive journey.  After being distracted by the talk of birds once again and the use of straws, not designed for milkshakes, many children were left wide eyed and somewhat confused by the size of the gloves used. We learnt something new and surprising and all walked away thanking our lucky stars that we had chosen a different profession.
Our last dinner was gleefully received from Rae. We then set out for Charters Towers. After a brief visit to Hughenden we realised we were running late and with a country bus U-turn headed back to Charters Towers to our Ghosts of Gold movie.
Rock Wallabies jumped to and fro as did the questions about the Gold rush in Charters Towers. After a lengthy talk from our presenter on the techniques of using a metal detector to find gold, one of our students politely asked “What is a metal detector? “ And “when was gold, you know first found?”
Discussion then turned to the ghosts and whether they were real, we decided they were and that lots of people must have died here, Will was hoping it had been during any type of war.
The bus home included a trip to McDonalds for a quick ice cream as we entered we heard the assistant remark their ice-cream machine was playing up. Mr Coffey then in a smart moment asked where is the nearest other McDonalds, it was replied with Townsville or Mackay. After looks of where are you from, the machine pushed out 19 ice-creams whilst the staff of Scottville State School was paid in black market chocolate flakes. Happy but tired children then jumped on the bus and headed with GPS on to our cabins and to sleep.