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Senior camp - day 1

Campfire - we will rock you 
We set off on time (Mr Lenti was last on the bus) on the connection road to Bowen…and then 10mins in the big question came. When are stopping for the toilet? 
So first stop was at the Delta Crossroads for our first toilet stop. Then once again the bus wheels began turning and before we knew it we were waving hello to  Gumlu. We gave Clancy and Matilda a wave and rolled on to the first stop of the day Ayr.
“The Snake Park!” was the shout as we stopped for morning tea. As the 16 wheelers flew past and the Grey Nomads snailed past, students happily played in the snake park devouring what lollies or snacks they had not already eaten.
As we made our way to the Woodstock turnoff restlessness raised its head for the first time.                                                                                                                                                                    As we headed West students began singing to the radio and singing any Taylor swift song they they could sing out loud.
Lunch was a quick stop at the first Petrol station to cross our path. Lunch was devoured in one breath as we danced in the disco bus whilst Rayleigh, our driver was otherwise occupied.
The GPS helped us find the dusty turn off as the kids counted down the 3 Kilometres left to reach the campsite. The smiling face of Mrs Laidlow welcomed us to our home for the next 3 days.
The roads and paths were dusty, the cabins were tidy and fireplaces ready to fire up.
Cabins  were setup , the kids  naturally found the tyre swing before heading down to our little part of the Burdekin River. At  first sight it looked a bit sad , but oh my Scottville kids are  water babies as the  rippling water  called our names and our first dip was taken on head first and yes clothes and all.
A highlight was Darius blowing up his school uniform as a floating bubble and floating happily on his back whilst smiling with joy. Will lead the way to the rock pools and Robert setting his traps and searching high and low for Crawchie.
After collecting firewood, showers and a cup of tea… yes the cup of tea was the drink of the day according to John. Then came Rae’ with dinner. Her homemade cake went down well.
Dinner was quickly followed by a song with the guitar, ‘We will Rock You’ completed the night and as led by Robert and Dylan the kids slid off to their cabins.
Oh and by the way Mr Lenti last on the bus still forgot the sports gear. Fred has promised to remind him…daily if not hourly. Night-night from Bivouac Junction, big day tomorrow.